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The Radium Dial Record Label was originally set up in 1999, with the idea of it being an internet-only record label, which used the internet, through downloads, as its distribution method.
This was originally done via the now defunct Vitaminic site, where Radium Dial had tracks from 8 bands up for sale and download.
However, in those pre-broadband days, take up of this new way of accessing and buying music was really slow to get going, and the label decided to go into hibernation for a while in 2003, waiting for technology and the rest of the world to catch up.

Thankfully, in 2008, with the advent of iTunes and MySpace, etc., things had improved somewhat, and, with the impending release of the 3rd Mondo a Go-Go album, it was decided that the time was right to kick-start the label again and get active.

The label also uses limited-edition, home-made, DIY cds to complement the download method of distributing the bands that it works with, and these are available from the shop page.


keelhauling with cover

The Poison Sisters - "Keelhauling with...." (dial007) 2015

Tracklisting - Gene Pull, Frame 313, Diabolik, Keelhauled, Come And Ride Shotgun, Survival Of The Sickest, Mata Hari, Bermuda Love Triangle, Ship On Fire, Nil By Roadkill.

Digital Distribution.

tron box office cover

The Poison Sisters - "Tron Box Office" (dial006) 2012

Tracklisting - Surf, Frame 313, Gene Pull, Come + Ride Shotgun, Lo-Fi Girlfriend, Hatchet Burial Song, Relationshipping, Human Torch.

Digital Distribution.

Mondo Franco

Mondo a Go-Go - "Mondo Franco" (dial005) 2008

Tracklisting - Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein, The Day I Was Born, Pepita, La Comtesse Perverese, Dr Wong, La Ballade De Lina, Faceless, Voice In The Night, De Sade '70, Virgin Among The Living Dead, Venus In Furs, Lucky The Inscrutable, Mondo Cannibal, White Cannibal Queen, The Nightmares Come At Night, La Comtesse Noire.

Limited Edition DIY CD.

count your blessings cover

The Poison Sisters - "Count Your Blessings" (dial004) 2008

Tracklisting - [sic], Brave New Whirl, Toothpastemouth, X, Up to The Wagon (demo), Deep Red Hurt (demo), Disgorger, The Body Politic, Throat, Switchblade's For You, Currency of Broken Hearts, Minute Silence, The Broken Skin, Serial Number, Intercooler/Trash, Quatermess, Cataract (demo), Human Torch (demo), Kiss My Asterisks.

Digital Distribution and DIY CD.

Blonde Goddess cover

Mondo a Go-Go - "Cry of the Blonde Goddess" (dial003) 2002

Tracklisting - The Funnel of Love, 45rpm, Born To Lose, Kozure Ohkami, Outta Body Rock'n'Roll Experience, Shakedown, Cry of the Blonde Godess, The Ballad of Dario Banzai, Mystery Machine, Gearhead, Tenafly Viper, The True Measure of Cool in a Girl, Pollo Loco, You Dig My Grave.


Radium Dial Label Sampler

Radium Dial - "Label Sampler" (dial002) 2001

Tracklisting - Steg G:Breathe Deeply, Lon Chaney:Dancing Shoes, The Search Engines:In Along, Mondo a Go-Go:45rpm, Free Radicals:City Life, Sixville:E.V.A., Strawberry Whiplash:Falling Through, K-Trouble:Audrey's Friend Suzanne.

Download and DIY CD.


In Go-Go cover

Mondo a Go-Go - "In Go-Go We Trust" (dial001) 1999

Tracklisting - Mondo a Go-Go, In Go-Go We Trust, Wild Guitar, Crazy Date, You Got It Goin' On, Death Valley '69, Sister Streetfighter, Siater Ann, We Gotta Move, The View From Here, She's My Witch, Vigilante, Land of 1000 Dances.