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Mondo a Go-Go

mondo a go go


The Mondo a Go-Go began in 1996 as a collective of musicians who had grown tired of homogenous corporate manufactured "music styles" such as grunge, Britpop and the whole Boy Band thing. The ethos of this shifting pool of disparate souls was to get back to the raw, exciting, primal roots of Rock ’n’ Roll.
The Mondo a Go-Go play live regularly throughout central Scotland and their primitive Rock n’ Roll oozings have been witnessed as far afield as San Sebastian and Bilbao in the Basque Country.
They released their first album, "In Go-Go We Trust" in 1998, and completed it’s follow-up, entitled "Cry of the Blonde Goddess" in 2002, which continued the tradition of their trademark trash-infested garage rock’n’roll.
In 2006, they contributed two tracks to the Cramps tribute album, "Trash Is Neat Vol.3", which can be downloaded from - http://www.thecramps.eu.
The band have just released "Mondo Franco", their album of songs from the films of deranged B-Movie maverick Jess Franco, which you can buy at the shop page.


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