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20/04/2015 - The new Poison Sisters album, "Keelhauling with.... The Poison Sisters" is out now. It's available to buy in digital format only, and can be bought from their Online Shop via BandCamp, or from the following sites -

iTunes , Amazon, Play, CDBaby, Deezer, Spotify + a whole host of others - just search your favourite site/platform, as it should be there.

01/11/2012 - The new Poison Sisters album "Tron Box Office" is now available as a free download from their Bandcamp page .

14/07/08 - The 3rd Mondo a Go-Go album, "Mondo Franco" is now available as a limited edition CD.
The band have taken their obsession with Spanish B-movie genius Jess Franco to it's logical conclusion and released an album that features 16 garage-punk interpretations of music from the deranged director's films. Featuring contributions from Erich von Erik, Carole Bellevette, Lynnie l'Ourson, Dave Wilson and Gianni Carne with artwork by Kirk Patrique and Chopper.
You can buy your copy from our shop page, or from the Mondo a Go-Go MySpace page.

13/07/08 - The Poison Sisters album "Count Your Blessings" is now available as a free download and as a DIY CD. The album consists of previously unreleased studio, live and demo recordings from 1992 to 2002, and, up until now, was only available on cassette.
You can download and buy it from the shop page.

03/06/08 - After a somewhat prolonged hibernation (yawn, stretch, shake right back leg, then shake left back leg, etc......), The Radium Dial Record Label swings back into the fray, now that everyone else has caught up, and is finally downloading their music from this interweb-thingymajig malarkey.
Stay tuned for the latest news on the upcoming releases from Mondo a Go-Go and The Poison Sisters, amongst other things.